Why Your Neck Skin Ages & How To Revive It !

Neck ageing, the missing link in looking younger. 

We all get concerned about getting and looking older. On this basis the beauty industry is in the billions to making our skin look younger and smoother, trying to re-energize the skins youthful look. But one of the most regular signs of the aging process is your neck, which is in most cases overlooked or left to the ravages of the skin aging process.

Loose skin on your neck is a ongoing process of aging, so why does it occur and how do we stop it in its tracks and in a lot of cases, how to reverse the aged look of the neck.

Why does neck ageing occur? 

Apart from having the neck having thin skin and weak, free muscles, the neckline is focus to all the other issues that starts with aging.

Also, the neck region is naturally given not as much of care and attention than other regions of face, with cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliating, generally maintenance beauty care is mainly focused on the face itself.

With the skin of the neck being so thin and so exposed, a lot of people use UV sunscreen protecting creams on their face and yet forget about one of the most fragile exposed elements of our skin, the neck. However much you cling to the youthful smooth skin and slow the ageing process of your facial skin, if your neck looks aged and unflattering, the illusion of youth can be lost.

Signs of Neck Aging For a lot of people, the neck aging process and the unflattering look can catch them un aware after spending a few centenary sticking to a regulated facial beauty campaign.  Once the structure and loss of certain elements in the neck occur, (usually onset by the aging process), then the rapid aged look of the neck area can appear.  If your wondering how this occurs, then we list the main culprits below; 

Collagen Loss; 

As with other parts of the body, the aging process reduces or slows down numerous natural procedures within the body, affecting the upkeep and production of collagen, an important physical protein that gives

skin its basis, firmness, and elasticity. The collagen loss in skin is a key reason of the aging in the face and neck and is one of the leading factors in other aging complications like drooping skin and the dreaded enhancement of wrinkles. 

Muscle Relaxation;

Muscle slackness and relaxation is simply one more part of the aging process, and when it occurs in the neck area, due to the delicate nature of the skin tissue in the neck area, the muscles and skin loose firmness and can give the impression of the face drooping.

A side profile of a client concerned with the aged look of their neck, may take on a look, recognized by some people as resembling a “turkey wattle” or “turkey neck”, the name coming from when the neck starts to look like the wobbly skin of a turkey.

Folds and Wrinkles; 

Simply put, the same as anywhere on your body, you can get wrinkles. The neck area, due to the thinness of the skin, can be a lot more

susceptible to wrinkles.  The aging process can enhance the look and appearance of the neck wrinkles even more.  This in turn gives the neck a more aged look. 

Causes of aging of the neck area:

As we get old, the skin’s drops its plumpness, elasticity and firmness.

Elastin and Collagen are 2 proteins that are vital to the skin’s firmness, elasticity and appearance. The bodies product of these proteins drops over time, and capabilities and effectiveness of these proteins declines with age.

Not just does skin discoloration turn out to be more noticeable (commonly instigated by the negative effects of the sun), but your wrinkles can extend and deepen with the aging process as the skins’ structure deteriorates more.

Your Neck Skin vs. Your Facial Skin.

The neck comprises of thin skin, which is thus more delicate to the sun’s harmful rays and other ecological influences that can influence the skin. This is particularly a good example on how many people use UV protectors on their face, yet give their neck, if any small amount of protection against the sun, thus it becomes an “overlooked” region ignored by an absence of the good skin care. Your wrinkles depth and impact on your face, in comparison to the wrinkle on your face, can also easily be differentiated due to the skin on your face being thicker. The skin tissues and the muscles supporting the neck region are also likewise less strong than of the face. 

Sun Exposure 

Sorry to bring up the subject again, but it needs to be expanded on more.  Extreme sun UV exposure does not simply cause a good tan and maybe a few blemish spots, but it can change the complexity of the skin within.  The neck is a simple area to forget about, when its concerning sunblock use. “Photo aging” is exactly how skin specialists define the damaging sun effects on the skin. Ultra Violet waves can cause damage which doesn’t come to light until many years later.  Ultra Violet rays accelerate the usual aging procedure by drying the skin and triggering it to become thinner in places and loss some of its flexibility. Discoloration of the skin and in places the leather like feel of the skin are also the results of exposure to the destructive nature of the sun’s rays. 

Smoking and Drinking

Smoking is very well documented as accelerating the aging of the skin. It can for some people bring on an early aged look, insinuating the negative aspects of the skin and enhancing wrinkles, that would commonly appear on clients a lot older. Smoking also has an ability to

dry out the skin, giving a more aged look.

The drying out of the skin decelerates the effects and onset of the usual skin cells procedures, that keep the face looking,firm and plump. Like smoking, alcohol likewise deprives the skin of nutrients and the oxygen that it needs, as alcohol contracts the blood vessels. Smoking and alcohol can also deprive and decrease the amount of vitamin A in the skin, which can have a negative look on the skin. 

In Conclusion

Most clients are caught unaware by the speed and onset of the neck aging process.  There is now available an easy treatment that not only tightens the skin in the area but also bolsters its collagen in the area.

The Jett Plasma Pen is the world leading DC plasma device capable of reversing the aging signs in the neck area. Used extensively around the world, the Jett Plasma is the advanced modern solution to plasma skin tightening. Make sure you get the best for your client and use the Jett Plasma, made in the E.U for extensive performance and durability.

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