Smokers Lines Plasma Treatment

How smoker’s line are formed.

What are smoker’s lines?

Smoker lines are those unattractive, troublesome lines or grooves which tend to appear on the outward side on corner of lips and eventually spread around your lips and then mouth. These unappealing lines diminish the beautiful appearance of lips and make it look irregular, indistinct & flattened. The smoker’s lines enhance the thinning of lips which results in giving an advanced aged appearance to skin. In extreme cases these lines or dents can enhance very deeply into skin and start looking like cracks, with the passage of time they seem more prominent.

This is demise of your youthful skin. In simple words the smoker’s lines are intense wrinkles on your face which start appearing around your lips first. This is a sign of aging for many people. Women’s skin is more affected by this, rather than men’s skin

How smoker’s lines appear?

Smoker’s lines are also known as lip wrinkles, lipstick lines or lip lines. This condition only happens to adults due to many reasons which we will discuss later in this article. These fine lines are very difficult or almost impossible to hide completely. You cannot conceal them with any kind of make-up, though now many medical treatments have been invented to get rid of them but those procedures are very expensive and not permanent. The only treatment that truly leaves a lasting improvement is plasma, especially with the advanced Jett Plasma Pen.

These lines start with tiny wrinkles on your upper lips and move upwards toward the nose. Usually they are very small, but when they appear in large number at once they are for some people, terrifying. Your lips also get these deep lines and when you apply lipstick on them it get stuck inside these lines which make them more prominent. The lines are visible when you stretch your face or speak. These lines are, a problem for your skin.

Causes of smoker’s lines:

Many people assume from the name that smoker’s lines appears only when you smoke. Well, that is just a misconception.

Anyone can get these lines any time after a particular age. However, there are some root causes of these lines, which are listed below: 

1: Smoking:

This is most common and the obvious reason of appearance of the fine lines or smoking lines. Smoking being harmful in so many ways, affects your skin tremendously. So, this should not be a surprise to you that smoking creates smoker’s lines, also known as wrinkles on your face above lips and make you look much more older than you really are. So, ladies if you are not addicted to this harmful habit then you need to put a full stop to it now. If smoking is not showing any symptoms then it will have long-term effects. It is really tough, but you can do it with your will power.  

2: Aging:

Aging has always been the worst enemy of beauty. Isn’t that correct? No matter what kind of problem with your health or skin you are facing, you can always blame the aging process for it. From droopy eyelids to frown lines and jowls under your face, the leading cause of all of them is, unfortunately, growing age. Similarly, smoker’s lines are a giving of growing age. When we grow old then our skin stops making as much protein, elastin or collagen as it should make to stay smooth & plump. It has been proved that after 20 years of age, our skin lose 1 % of its collagen producing ability each year. So, when we reach almost 50 years of age then your skin is producing only 70 % collagen of total requirement.

3: Genetic:

It could be in your DNA as well girls. Yes! That is totally horrible. Some woman, whose descendants were Aphrodite, can enjoy smooth, wrinkle less or smoker lines free skin in their 50s or 60s. While normal ladies, that are not blessed with exceptional genes should get ready to have these fine lines when they get older. Women with excessive smoker’s lines or wrinkles can pass it on to their children in DNA. So, that is a very natural cause and you cannot blame it on anything because our skin type is totally dependent on our genes. So, if you get smoker’s lines without smoking ever than it is in your DNA. 

4: Damage from sunlight:

Sunlight contains UV rays which is another villain of the beauty of your skin. You all must have experienced the skin damage from sunlight at some point in your life. If not, you might have heard about the increasing demand of sunscreen that is only to save you from these cruel sun rays.

When sun rays hit your skin, the UV penetrates inside your skin cells which cause tan, burns & wrinkles like smoker’s lines. That’s why you are suggested to protect your face from direct sun rays otherwise you will end up having smoker’s lines earlier than you expected. 

5: Poor diet:

Food that you eat has a great impact on your skin. If your food intake is unhealthy or unhygienic then it will come on your face in form of pimples, pores or fine lines. Eating junk can lead to nutrients deficiency that results in lack of minerals and vitamins to your skin cells. So, if your skin cells are not nourished properly then it is very easy for smoker’s lines to get their way to appear.

Symptoms of Smoker’s lines: 

The symptoms of smoker’s lines are as common as any other kind of wrinkles on your face. It starts with excessive dullness and dryness around your mouth. The dryness soon takes shape of little lines which are only visible in light. After sometime these lines grow larger in number and hence more prominent.

Another symptom of smoker’s lines is saggy or loose skin of lips and surrounding area.

A wrinkle on upper lip is first symptom which gives you a warning of getting smoker’s lines. You need to find the precautions and treatments for this. So you can save your skin from having smoker’s lines for as long as you can.

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