Crows Feet Formation And Treatment with Plasma

Reasons for crow’s feet wrinkles are formed:

Wrinkles or fine lines around mouth or eyes are the first sign of growing old, which are visible on your face.

Many people do not like these lines, as aesthetically they can be very noticeable and displeasing for a lot of people. The wrinkles around the eye area are known as Crow’s feet.

How crow’s feet are formed?

Skin around the eyes is very thin; this is where crow feet occur. This area of skin also gets dry very quickly. Due to lack of oil glands and elasticity in that area, dryness in the area is a lot more likely to happen. This dry and thin skin around the eyes is really prone to getting fine lines.

As you grow old, the collagen and elastic fibers in your skin starts to break down. Skin moisture levels also falls and the ability of skin to renew itself decreases. It makes it very easy for wrinkles and lines to form around the eyes, more than anywhere else on your face.

Due to these characteristics, this is probably the first part of your face that shows the sign of aging as you get older. Due to decrease in skin collagen or elastin after a particular age, the crow lines or smoker’s lines are formed on your face around eyes or mouth respectively.  Also, due to the lack of elasticity, your skin may form eye bags or develop dark circles around the eye which are other conditions along with crow’s feet, which occur due to old age.

Causes of formation of Crow’s feet on skin: 

There are many factors which are responsible for these unattractive and unwanted lines under your eyes.

Let us explore some of most distinguished causes of formation of crow’s feet under your eyes: 

1: Genetics:

Skin types vary from person to person. Many people have skin that has ability to produce collagen in their older age, while sometimes it stops producing collagen and renewing itself, at a very early age. However, your skin type is largely based on your genetics. Your parents have passed this trait over to you. So, if you are getting crow’s feet, it might be your DNA which is responsible. 

2: Sunrays damage:

According to research, ultra violet rays from sunlight can be very harsh for our skin. It is responsible for almost 90% of skin damage in various ways. This is the reason why you are continuously advised to wear sunscreen before going out in sunlight. By exposing your skin to sunlight without protection, you give a chance to fines lines to form quickly. The crow’s feet around your eyes can be prevented or stopped from expanding by wearing sunscreen and covering your eyes with sun glasses. Otherwise, accept to yourself that you’re going to be a lot more susceptible to wrinkles under your eyes when you get old. 

3: Excessive sugar:

Yes, besides many other health problems, sugar also gives this unwanted gift to your skin. Sugar is linked to many diseases including obesity, dementia in old age or brain damage in extreme cases. SO, it should not be a wonder for you when we tell you that sugar can be behind your skin problems. Excessive use of sugar leads to faster ageing of your skin. The substances inside skin, which provide your skin glow and youthful appearance is damaged by sugar. You should replace sugar with other healthy food products like oats, whole grains or brown pasta. 

4: Pillow case:

When you sleep on your stomach or your side it might rub off your skin. The excessive pulling of skin by harsh pillows plays a part in reducing the elasticity of skin, which leads to sleep wrinkles. You can avoid this by either sleeping on your back or getting a smooth pillow case, that doesn’t stretch or pull your skin and helps the skin retain its moisture, because continuous pulling of skin against pillow will end up giving you crow feet. 

5: Pollution:

Due to pollution that is in the air, car exhausts and other elements in the air, these expose your skin to more damage and early skin ageing. These environment pollutants may increase the possibility of getting wrinkles or age spots on your face and other body parts. Food items that are rich in antioxidants can help you fight the harmful effects of pollution. Also, if you use full of heavily processed makeup products and do not remove your makeup before going to sleep, it can damage your skin especially under eyes areas, causing visible fine lines. 

6: Stress:

Mental stress can be blamed for a disturbance in hormones that can cause many health-related problems. From increasing weight to crow’s feet under eyes, the hormonal disturbances can be the root cause of anything happening inside your body. Lack of sleep due to stress can cause skin dullness as your skin renews itself while you are asleep. 

7: Smoking:

The side effects of smoking are not just limited to liver damage, lung damage or heart problem. Tobacco is also one of the reasons behind grey hair and the wrinkles on your face. The toxic chemicals you inhale through a cigarette or by smoking other drugs is a major contributor towards crow’s feet and other wrinkles on your skin. 

8: Alcohol:

Alcohol is bad to your health in so many ways. It dehydrates your body, which results in long term deficiency of estrogen in skin. You will realize that after drinking excessively, you skin starts looking about 5 years older. Drinking alcohol regularly or excessively can cause your skin lose elasticity and resulting in fine lines, smoker’s lines or crow’s feet on your face. 

Symptoms of Crow’s feet:

You can start getting crow’s feet in a young age as well due to above mentioned reasons:The skin under your eyes is very thin, so when you start to develop crow’s feet, it gets saggy first.

  • The fat disappears and your dark circles become prominent.
  • A frowning line starts to develop on your forehead.
  • The under eyes part get dry quickly no matter how much moisturizer you apply on them
  • The under eyes area is covered with wrinkles that are more visible when you smile and talk.
  • The eye bags are produced under eyes. 

It is important that you take extra care of your skin. We cannot stop the signs of aging from happening but with healthy diet and proper care we can delay the process. 

Treating crows Feet with the Jett Plasma Pen

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