Jett Plasma Beauty Device

Plasma Treatments Explained

How the Plasma beauty technology works. 

Plasma beauty treatments:

Jett Medical Plasma pen beauty technology is a revolutionary system that is extremely effective at improving skin texture and fine lines and treat signs of aging including slaggy / droopy eyelids. It is well known to improve damaged skin to make it look fresh & firm giving you much youthful look.

Jett medical plasma pen will remove aging factors, improve sun damage and fine lines. Jett Plasma technology has been proven, tested and tried to regenerate your skin and improve its texture. It is highly recommended by dermatologists as the results are magnificent.

Jett Plasma rejuvenation technique is an easy and quick alternative to that of surgery offering long lasting results. The Jett medical Plasma Pen works under the skin without any cutting or injection. It modifies your skin providing you with new elastin and collagen in skin and improving skin’s texture or tone. The results are instant and long lasting.

How does it work?

To have an understanding about plasma skin regeneration, we will first understand our skin. Our skin is made up of three layers, the uppermost one is called epidermis, the second one is called dermis and the third and lowest one is called subcutaneous layer which is made up of fats. Epidermis is where we see the pigment generating cells which are known as melanocytes, these are responsible for the skin color.

The second one, dermis, has elastin fibers and collagen which provide toughness, elasticity, strength or pliability to our skin. As we age, the skin starts changing and the appearance or characteristics of our skin change. The outer layer, epidermis gets thinner resulting in visibility of blemishes while the collagen in second layer starts decreasing and loses elasticity that causes facial lines, wrinkles and sagging of skin.

Jett Plasma pen skin regeneration technology basically uses energy from discharge of plasma. There is no light or radio frequency emission is used in this process. This energy works a heating action on skin that removes old skin, damaged epidermal cells and increases collagen growth in dermis. All the treatments from plasma energy improve skin texture, color, decreases fine lines and skin pigmentation but for skin tightening high energy treatments are opted by experts.The low energy treatments are usually temporary, and their affect is limited.

Jett Plasma is the only Direct Current plasma pen on the market offering higher energy and controlled depth and dot size not achievable with the other AC devices in the market.

Only Jett Plasma patented DC plasma technology can offer you this control making it the safest in the market. The 0.1 mm dot size compared with the AC 0.4 mm dot size and the controlled depth reduces the downtime for the end client as well as the risk of hyperpigmentation or infection.

Which skin-related conditions can get resolved by plasma beauty technology? 

This technology is used to renew skin by improving wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation and other effects of aging including loose skin and droopy eyelids. The following conditions can be treated best by this technology:

Appearance of Crow’s feet or smoker’s lines

Dropping eyelids or eye bags

Spots on face or neck due to sun damage

Wrinkles on skin

Non-surgical Bleph / Eye Lift

Scars on body

Enlarged pores

Saggy skin on jaw line

Acne scars

Stretch marks

Uneven skin color

Rough texture of skin

Benefits of Plasma beauty technology:

Completely natural:

The Jett Plasma pen technique uses your own bodies organic material to improve your skin. Plasma treatments are a chemical free and natural procedure.

Effective treatment for hair loss:

It helps in the growth stimulation of your hair cells that produces thick and strong hair within few months of treatment with the plasma vibration treatment and a use of chemical/ or natural meso products.

No surgical instruments:

There is no knife or other surgical equipment for this treatment. You do not have to go through painful and intense procedures that include cutting your face like facelifts. This is a 30-minute procedure with little to no down time.

Get rid from acne scars:

Acne is a very common problem that can lead to permanent scars which can be treated with plasma.

No side effects or allergies:

The plasma is anti-bacterial and natural there is no chance of any allergy. The process is side-effects free, but you might get temporary swelling, tenderness or bruising at injection area but it will go in no time.

Heals skin from inside:

This treatment heals your dermis layer of skin and enables it to produce more collagen naturally. It will restore volume to your dry or sunken skin areas.

Short recovery period:

The recovery time is a lot less compared to other surgical methods for face treatments. It is little to none, in some cases there is instant healing and there are no after surgery effects on face.

Get rid from lines and wrinkles:

Wrinkles and fine lines are sign of aging and no want wants them. You can successfully reduce the appearance of the unattractive lines and wrinkles from your skin through Jett plasma pens beauty techniques. You can enjoy a youthful skin in old age.

Rejuvenate tired eyes:

If your eyes look tired all the time or you have stubborn dark circle under your eyes then you can renew your eyes with this treatment. The collagen producing quality allows your skin under eyes to get healthy and fresh skin.

Jett Medical Plasma Pen treatments under have been proven to be long lasting of up to 5 years. This is an amazing new revolutionary treatment to combat aging without going under the knife.

For more information on the treatments available and cost, please contact you local Jett Medical Plasma Pen treatment clinic for a full consultation from one of our Plasma Level 4 Trained Practitioners.

Jett Plasma are the only company to train all our practitioners to level 4 or above in plasma Treatments.

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