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Everything you need to know about Skin tightening  

Aging is a natural process and we all must go through it at one point in our life. There are various signs of aging like wrinkles, spots, lines and dark circles that affects the appearance of the face. Once the process of aging begins, for most of us, we are unable to maintain the natural and beautiful features of our face.

That is why there are many people who seek to look younger for a longer time and that is why they prefer to get Skin tightening. If you are planning to get the Skin tightening treatment here, we have a few things you need to know about the process before you can get started. 

What is Skin tightening ?

A common question most people have is what Skin tightening is. It is the process in which the sagging skin is tightened with a jett Plasma Pen. There are various areas used in the Skin Tightening.

The process induces the production of more collagen and elastin, which are stimulated by the treatment to reduce the sagging of the skin and so you can get the younger looking skin once again. 

There are also some procedures in which the excess skin is removed to assure that you can get back your natural and younger features once again, but you now don’t have to go down the surgical route, due to the benefits of using a Jett Plasma pen for the skin tightening process.

The Skin tightening technology, plasma, is rapidly developing and we see a lot more clients asking for this procedure in places on their face or body, that they feel are suffering from the ravages of the onset of the aging process. 

Why you need may Skin tightening 

There are two important fibers in the skin that are known as elastin and collagen. They are commonly known as the youth proteins. Collagen is important for the strengthening of the skin, whereas elastic will keep your skin elastic and assure that when you stretch it, the skin will bounce back to its original position.

These two proteins are formed in the deepest parts of the skin above the layer of fats.   With the passage of time, the body will reduce the production of these two important proteins.

Apart from aging, there are various other reasons that the body will stop the production of collagen and elastin, like sun exposure, smoking, pollutants and high levels of free radicals in the body. You should know that the fewer antioxidants, we have in our body, the more damage will be done to our skin that will lead to sagging of the skin and possibly the need for skin tightening.  

Once the production of collagen and elastin is reduced in the body, the skin will lose a lot of its elasticity and the skin cells will not be regenerated as quickly. This is the point where your skin may start to look tired and aged. In order to get the elasticity of the skin back, you can use the Skin tightening process.  The Jett plasma pen treatments to tighten skin will promote these two vital proteins in the treated area, thus bringing back the youthful look of the skin.  

When to consider Skin tightening 

You should know that Skin tightening is not for everyone. That is why you can consider having Skin tightening in the following conditions.  

  • You have noticed mild to moderate sagging on different parts of the body like neck, face, abdomen and arms.
  • You want to improve the quality and elasticity of your skin.
  • There is residual laxity in the skin after an operation.
  • You are not satisfied with the surgical process used to reduce skin laxity.

How Skin tightening is done ?

When the plasma pen is used, the treatment will stimulate the production of skin tightening hormones to assure that you can easily maintain the younger looking skin for a long time.

However, remember that the aging process is natural, which means that you might have to undergo the process a few times, to achieve the tightness in the area that you are inspiring towards.

Benefits of Skin tightening 

There are various benefits of Skin tightening that you will get. The best thing about the Skin tightening process is that it will help you look younger for a longer time. You can maintain your younger looking features that will improve your appearance and boost your level of confidence.

Is Skin tightening safe ? 

An important question that people mostly ask when they get Skin tightening, is that whether it is safe or not. You should know that process is safe, but you must make sure that you follow all the instructions given by your treatment specialist. Make sure that you protect your skin from the sun as well as avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and quit smoking, if you want to assure that the effects will be longer lasting.   

Bottom line: 

Whilst for some the tightness of their skin is a concern, now that the Jett Plasma Pen is available, its easy to get a tighter, more youthful looking skin.  The benefits of using a Jett plasma pen to tighten the skin is covered extensively in Medical white appears.  Use the best and use the Jett Plasma Pen.

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