Non-surgical Blepharoplasty Guide

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& how it can be resolved non-surgically with the Jett Plasma Pen

Droopy eyelids can medically know as ptosis which commonly occurs because of age, trauma and various other medical and non-medical conditions. The condition is called unilateral ptosis when only one eye droops and bilateral ptosis when both eyes are affected.There are some people who have droopy eyelids from birth. The condition can be temporary or permanent. You can develop it in any part of your life by commonly it is seen as we age.

This is a sign of aging that is often over looked by the aesthetics industry as it was always something that needed surgical intervention. However, these days the condition can be resolved using non-surgical interventions called Jett Plasma Lift.

Before we can share the treatment process it is important for you to understand that how heavy eyelids can form.

Who Gets Droopy Eyelids?

There are various causes of droopy eyelids in the adults. The most common cause is aging. With age, our skin loses its elasticity due to which the accumulation of fats increases in the region around the eyes. It leads to the formation of droopy eyelids. It is the most common condition that is found equally in both men and women. 

Risk Factors Of Droopy Eyelids;

There are various risk factors that are associated with droopy eyelids including dry eye and loose of vision through the pupil being covered. There are some medical conditions that will increase the risk of developing droopy eyelids but usually it is just an aesthetic concern that can be easily dealt with by an easy non-surgical Jett Plasma Lift.

In some situations, droopy eyelids are caused because of serious health conditions including cancer, brain tumor or stroke. There are also some neurological disorders that can lead to droopy eyelids. In these cases, a doctor would be needed to advice on the situation before treatment.

Symptoms of droopy eyelids.

The major symptom of droopy eyelids is that one or both eyelids will look droopy. This ages the face dramatically and for the ladies it can hinder the application of make up to the eye area. In some rare cases it can affect the vision by obstructing the pupil but for most people this is an aesthetic problem that can be easily solved with a safe and affordable non-surgical procedure. 


There are various surgical and non-surgical treatments available for droopy eyelids. However, the best treatment is the Jett Plasma Lift non-surgical blepharoplasty by Jett Medical trained practitioners. It is easy safe and effective.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty.

The Jett Plasma Lift is the one of the only process in which tightening of skin is done by reducing the skin surface area using a revolutionary technology known as plasma. The Jett plasma is the only Direct current plasma pen on the world market making it the safest device and the only device to offer control of both dot size and depth with the bonus of the 4 unique silver heads for electrical plasma vibration skin tightening and electrical meso therapy.

The best thing about this technology is that there will be no incisions, stitches or downtime for you to worry about. There is a small hand-held device that is used to treat the area around the upper and lower eyelid. The shape and size of the pen are so perfect that it can easily reach all areas around your eyes.

The Jett Medical Plasma Pen offers a non-surgical blepharoplasty that can help without risk of excessive down time seem when using other AC plasma pens on the market. Jett Plasma Pen hits the skin and you can see it start vaporizing the line on the face. The only thing which will be left behind is the small injuries in the form of carbons dots just 0.1mm in size compared with the 0.4 mm dots seen with the AC devices in the market.

Jett Medicals Jett Plasma Lift Non-surgical blepharoplasty is perfect for the people who are suffering from mild skin sagging as well as those who do not need any surgical intervention but would like to improve the look of the eye area just for aesthetic purposes.

Downtime and recovery period of non-surgical blepharoplasty.

Most patients are commonly concerned about the recovery period and downtime of non-surgical Jett Plasma Pen blepharoplasty. You should know that there is very little downtime for the procedure. Once treated you will notice mild scabbing in the region of the treatment and localized swelling for the first 2-3 days.

After 72 hours you can resume you regular activities using the recommended makeup.


The results of the Jett Medical plasma Pen non-surgical Plasma Lift will last anything from 2-5 years.For further information contact your local Jett Plasma Pen Clinic for a consultation. During the consultation you will be informed of all medical health questions and be shown a variety of before and after pictures to help you decide if the Jett Plasma Lift is the treatment for you.

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