Nasal Labia Lines Treated With The Jett Plasma Pen

Nasal labia lines. 

Nasal labial folds are the lines on both sides of the mouth, that extends from the outline of the nose and they go to the mouth’s external corners. These lines become much more notable when you smile or laugh.

These lines get deeper with the onset of the ageing process. Many people get more wrinkles very close to these nasal labial folds, that get deeper when they smile. These lines also called laughter lines, or some call them smile lines, because you can notice them more when you smile. 

The main area of these wrinkles starts from the bottom of either side of your nose, leading towards the corners of your mouth. If you have these folds on your face, then there is no need to worry because it’s very common to have them.  If you want them reduced, then read on further, as they are easily removed with a Jett Medical Plasma Pen.

These lines show up from both sides and that’s what makes them even more prominent. If you look, you’ll notice that nearly every person has nasal labial folds, they just get more noticeable as we age, some people don’t mind them and for some they find them very unsettling, the deeper the lines get. 

Types of Nasolabial folds:

There is not any specific type of nasal labia lines, but other folds are also found on the face that can be classified as a type of nasolabial fold. This other form is called: 

Marionette lines:

Marionette lines are long vertical lines and are next to or surround the chin. Clients who want their marionette lines treated, usually defer from the invasive aspects of Botox or injectable fillers and instead vouch for treatment from a Jett Plasm Pen.

Major causes of these lines included the skin losing its moisture and becoming dry, mainly due to the aging process. The skin loses its firmness and elasticity. Common reasons for their early appearance, are the same as nasolabial lines, like smoking and excessive sun exposure.

In some case, genetics can also play an important part in a person having marionette lines. DNA has an inherent affect in most aspects of the skin ageing process.


Nasolabial folds can become more discernible due to a sort of factors, including: 

1.   Sun exposure:

If you get exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged and unprotected amount of time, your skin will become more prone to getting wrinkles and in severe cases severe skin burn and changes in texture. We don’t think we need to readdress the negative aspects that prolonged exposure can do to your skin. Wearing UV protective sunscreen whenever you are in the sun, is one of the best defenses against the damage to your skin that sun exposure can have. 

2.   Lack of protein:

Alongside the skins ageing mechanism, many people suffer from many small or major diseases, that are usually caused by different vitamin or protein deficiencies. Basically, your skin is an organ, and your body need vitamins and the varies body protein to keep all the organs in their best condition. The lack of specific vitamins and proteins in your body, can be a factor in the enhancement of wrinkles and for a lot of the population, a deepening of the Nasal Labia lines. 

3.   Weight loss:

When you lose a large amount of weight, then your face can become drawn and gaunt looking. This can also enhance, both the depth and prominence of your Nasal labia lines. The natural sag from the chin, can pull the lines deeper into your face, due to the structure of the lower face being drawn out. 

Other factors of skin aging include:


Exposure to environmental pollutants

Rapidly losing of weight or frequent ups and downs in weight.

Causes of Nasolabial folds: 

Nasolabial folds are basically as part of facial structure. As most people say, these come with age but scientifically these are with us since we born. Dependent on the previously mentioned conditions, can affect whether you become susceptible to deeper and more enhanced lines. 

It’s not like you’ve never had them, its just there are differing aspects to how, as you age, whether they become more pronounced or not. Some people will even develop even more new lines next to these folds. Many of others evolving lines that stretch down to the chin are these are referred to as marionette lines. 

So basically age, sun harm, and smoking are the major cons for your skin, that are increasing nasolabial folds. The ultraviolet (UV) rays that come from the sun can break down the fibers named collagen and elastin fibers that are situated in your skin, these are our skins friends, helping keep our skin soft and youthful. 

Another major factor is Smoking in the breakdown of our friendly elastin and collagen. As a result, when you are getting older, your skin may already be damaged and that’s why your nasolabial folds are more prominent.

So, if they are a concern or a client has shown an interest in getting them treated, there is a worldwide database of medical papers, all pointing towards the easy treatment and reduction of Nasal Labia lines with a Jett Medical Plasma Pen.

Explore the site more for before and after results, easily showing the fantastic results gained from using the Jett Plasma Pen to treat, not only nasal labia lines, but also marionette lines as well.

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