Jowls And Their Formation And Treatment With A Plasma Pen

What are Jowls and how do they form? 

One of the numerous signs of aging in the face is getting jowls. Sooner or later, everybody gets them, and as we become more mature, they become more and more prominent.

Consequently, what are face jowls and in what way do they form on people? 

What Are Jowls

Jowls are commonly known as sagging down of the skin near your chin or jaw line. With the clients increasing age, everybody develops jowls on their faces but in different part of life. It only happens when your skins get more and more thin and less elastic by passage of time. We could say that jowls condition is less pronounced by those people who have thicker skin, which is considered as fat skin and it has more collagen in that area of your face down to the chin and cheeks. Some of lucky people do not develop any kind of jowls because of their genes and by their lifestyle choices and factors which are developed by environment.

Keep reading to know more about jowls and how to get reduce its effect and in most case reverse and tighten your Jowls with a Jett

Plasma Pen. 

What causes Jowls? 

When your cheeks lose their elastin, then sagging jowls start to develop on your face. It depends on the quantity of elastin and collagen. This process is gradual, and you would be able to notice your jowls easily before you get a chance to try and prevent them. Gravity is not on your side in this skin process. The older you get, the more you notice that there are jowls on your cheeks and chin and your skin is continuously falling down. And your jowl becomes more visible.

The cause? Well; 

The Loss of elastin and collagen !

As you age, your skin is losing your collagen and elastin by the jawline and chin. Collagen is known as protein element in our body that makes up the connective tissues in your body.On the other side elastin is also a protein, which keeps the form of your face. But when you lose this protein that keeps your face looking younger, then gravity shows its power and your skin starts falling downward on the side of your mouth. 

The Aging Process:

As we grow older our skin slowly loses its elastin and collagen. These are the proteins are used to keep your skin firm and taunt.When skin start slipping, causing jowls, then you will notice that your jaw line ‘sag’ becomes more prominent and visible pouches of your flesh and skin start forming by the side of your face.

The elasticity of your skin, when growing old, causes the tissues of the face and cheeks to weaken and fall from face. This significantly impacts the jowls condition. Your jowls will get more prominent by the passage of time and they will become more heavy and significant.


The 2nd main cause of getting jowls is that you have a skin type which is more susceptible to this skin formation. But we do have some much lucky people playing the lottery of genes and they do not have to worry about the jowls and drooping of the skin. But most of us have no longer access to our good-looking face due to the passing of time, eventually our skin becomes lose and starts to sag.

One more thing that is important is your face structure. It plays an important role in whether you get Jowls or not. Your face structure and face definition also are a key factor in if you will develop jowls or not. Some people have narrow faces, unfortunately it does not help in the prevention of jowls as people with broader jawlines.Unfortunately, there is no defined criteria.

Different types of skin:

Different types of skin and facial structures can make some people more probable to get jowls than many other people.  Environmental and lifestyle factors.

Other reasons for jowls can come from your situation or environment. Significant weight lossWhile low and slow weight loss would not cause any significant damage to your skin, fast weight loss may have a massively negative impact on your skin.During the procedure of losing weight, your skin decreases obviously to lessen the extra fat of your body.

When you lose that mass of your body, your skin becomes overwhelmed and has no defined definition in parts.If you have a plan of losing weight, then you must try it by gym or exercise. It is slow process and crash dieting is not good. By doing a slower more maintained weight loss schedule, you might reduce the risk of jowls and the sagging of your skin. 


Everyone knows that smoking is not good for your health. It is known as the enemy of lungs and it would may cause issues with your whole body like; teeth, bones etc.; it also is a key cause of jowls because of losing varying elements of the protein in your bodyIt also causes many skin diseases. Cigarettes contain nicotine, along with many other harmful chemicals, which slow down your blood circulation, it also leads to increase in skin dehydration and affects how the skin loses its collagen levels.

When you smoke you are reducing the flow of blood to your body, as well as your skin, and as a result, you lose many of its important nutrients which are needed to keep your skin healthy, and as a by-product it commonly produces jowls. If you are struggling to stop smoking, then go to your doctor for advice or take up vaping nicotine instead.

Quite a new factor it the use of smart phones. The perpetual staring down onto a smart phone, can fix your skin into a position that is consistent to producing jowls. But all is no lost, a treatment with the Jett Plasma Pen can tighten your skin in such a way as to reduce your Jowls and improve your facial posture. 

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