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Setting The Standards In Aesthetic Devices

The Worlds Safest Plasma Pen

Why Jett Medical Plasma Pen?

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JETT Plasma are the only direct current plasma device in the world. 

This makes us, the most stable and precise devices on the market.


The precision offered by JETT Plasma has opened the treatment uses available with the device into new medical areas, that other devices are not stable enough to offer.


We are the world’s leading Plasma Device known as number one for safety across the world. Used by Doctors and Aesthetic Professionals alike in 68 countries worldwide, and certified for Ophthalmology, dermatology, aesthetics and gynecology. 

Made in the E.U and with support from our teams of doctors and professionals from around the world, Jett Plasma offer unbridled support to all practitioners.

Not all Plasma pens are the same !

Why Jett Medical Is Said To Be Best Plasma Pen On The Market

Jett For her Gynaecology, co2 laser

Advanced Direct Current Technology Plasma for Medical and Aesthetic Treatments.


No.1 for safety across the world.

Setting the standards in Plasma Treatments in over 60 countries. 

3 Devices designed for Aesthetics, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology

8 Power Controlled Settings 

Plasma Vibration Treatment Heads for a wider range of pain free treatment.

Made in The Czech Republic

An Introduction To The Jett Medical Plasma Devices

The Jett Medical Plasma range launched in 1991 in Czech Republic. Jett set out to provide the innovative products to the both the cosmetic and medical field.

Today, the JETT brand is a trusted provider for cosmetic and medical plasma products around the world.

JETT is now a known brand providing Innovation, Reliability and Technology.

Our R&D department continuously focuses its efforts on developing the right products and cooperation with leading experts .

We now have 3 main Products:

  • Jett Medical Plasma Pen for Aesthetics Procedures and Dermatology
  • Jett For HER ll For Gynaecology
  • Jett Ophthalmology

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