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COMPEX, spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1991 by the current managing director, Ing. Radek Nespor. The company was primarily engaged in business activities in the field of consumer electronics and was offering a range of innovative products in this area, which at the time lacked at the Czech market (particularly medical and cosmetic devices).

The area of medical and cosmetic devices began to be (after 2010) for the company important not only in terms of distribution, but also in terms of its own inventiveness application. Sold cosmetic devices began to be supplemented by our own external control units.

In 2013 management of the company decided to go their own way and realize innovative ideas and views by development of our own device for skin treatment (for peeling, restoration of tissues, flexibility improvement and stamina increase). The intention was realized by developing three devices:

Jett Plasma Lift
Jett Plasma Lift Profi
Jett Plasma Lift Medical

We now have international presence in 68 countries for the Plasma Application device, due to our patented DC technology, offering the only stable and precise device available on the market.

Favored by Doctors and Professional wanting to offer their clients the highest quality, that they deserve, Jett Medical UK is proud to be your first call for the latest technology in the field of plasma treatments and applications.


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Alexandra Cutler


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