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The Number 1 Plasma device in the world

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The only DC Plasma device in the world


Jett Plasma Pen

Jet Plasma is the only direct current plasma device in the world.  This makes it the most stable and precise device on the market.  The precision offered by Jett Plasma has opened up the treatment uses available with the device into new medical areas that other devices are not stable enough to offer.

Patented DC Plasma

Used by Doctors and Aesthetic Professionals alike in 68 countrys world wide.  The number 1 international choice for Plasma Treatments,  Made in the E.U and with support from our teams of doctors and aesthetic professionals from around the world, Jett Plasma offer unbridled support and help with expanding into the plasma treatment world.

Precision Treatments

Due to DC technology, JETT is the only plasma device to offer the intensive scanning technique, with its proven results.  This means you can continuously move over the skin, creating a lot more even and professional treatment result.  Only JETT plasma pen can offer a constant 0.1mm dot size.

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The Jett plasma pen is the only direct current plasma device on the market, making it the most stable and precise worldwide.

Only the Jett plasma can offer the intensive scanning technique for a smoother, professional treatment.

Only Jett plasma can offer a constant 0.1 mm dot size.

All Jett plasma devices are fully manufactured in the E.U.

Our plasma device is the choice for doctors and aesthetic practitioners across 68 countries.

A treatment performed with a Jett plasma reduces downtime by half compared with all A/C devices.

Jett plasma offers 8 intensity settings, for more precision and control.

The PROVEN benefits and effects of DC current on skin.


1. Collagen of type I is significantly increased.

2. The number of keloid fibroblasts is reduced in the area of scars.

3. The content of intracellular Ca is increased considerably.

4. The content of extracellular K is increased.

5. Chemotaxy is increased.

6. The growth factor increases and the concentration of NO increases.

7. Increased migration of fibroblasts and their protheosynthesis has been proven.

8. Skin permeability is increased and the function of the skin barrier for the penetration of positively charged ions or water-soluble compounds is decreased.

9. New orientation of freshly created or formed tissues of collagen in the direction of the DC current occurs.

10. The pain in the place of application (eg. after a wound) is decreased and healing times are vastly accelerated.


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